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DIY Product Photography Light Diffuser

The difference between a good photo and a great photo is how well the lighting is used. This is especially noticeable in close up photos of products. Here we will look at creating a DIY Light Diffuser mainly used for product photography. I will warn you in advance that this is not something you want to take with you to a client's workplace, but it is more than adequate for use within your own confines for great quality photos!

If you shine a light directly onto an object this is known as 'harsh' light. It casts deep, dark shadows and can hide features of an object. However, using a light diffuser you can create a 'soft' light effect on your product that will light up all areas more evenly.

All you will need for this project is some strong tape, thick cardboard and (white) baking paper. Start with a piece of strong cardboard that is around 20cm x 20cm. Now cut out the inside of it so that you have roughly a 4cm border of cardboard. This will be the frame for your DIY Light Diffuser.

Next, take the baking paper, and cut it to roughly 19cm x 19cm. Now sticky tape this piece of baking paper onto your cardboard frame to cover the hole you cut previously. Now you have a cheap, DIY light diffuser!

You can easily cut some 'arms' for the frame out of the cardboard too and tape these to your light source. Try to keep at around a 1cm - 5cm gap between the bare globe and the baking paper as to prevent a fire hazard!

All this diffuser does is scramble the light beams so that they do not all hit the same areas of your object. This gives the product it's 'soft light' feel.

As I said earlier, it is a very cheap and nasty solution, but it can produce great results for your product photography.

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