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Product Photo Examples

Melbourne Product Photography

Product-Photography.com.au is a Melbourne based business specialising in, you guessed it, product photography!

Our photos suitable for the following applications:

  • eCommerce / Online Ordering websites
  • your catalogues & flyers
  • eBay auctions
  • email newsletters

You can see some of our sample product photos in the above banner. We have completed work for a variety of industries including fashion, travel, plumbing, building, toys and more.

Product Photos

All of our photos are individually shot and post-edited using Adobe® Lightroom and Adobe® Photoshop. We usually place objects on a pure white background to be most effective, but this can be the background colour that your website or catalogue uses. We can apply a range of product photo effects to the final image such as strokes and drop shadows to help soften the edges.

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Products are smaller than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm:

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